Brooklyn College
City University of New York

Biology 4

Laboratory Outline

1] Cells.

2] Biological Macromolecules

3] Differential Centrifugation

4] Diffusion, Osmosis and Differential Cellular Permeability

5] Enzymes-1

6] Enzymes-2

7] Photosynthesis

8] Recombinant DNA Analysis--restriction enzymes and restriction maps

9] Recombinant DNA Analysis--plasmid isolation and chracterization

10] Mitosis and Meiosis

11] Genetic Analysis

12] Genetic Analysis

13] Genetic Problem Solving and Mutation

14] DNA sequence analysis

Student Responsibilites: Students are required to attend every laboratory and remain in the lab until dismissed by the labortory instructor. If, for any reason, a student misses a lab, the student must arrange to make-up the lab and obtain a letter stating so. Students are required to clean their laboratory areas after completion of the lab. If a student breaks a piece of laboratory equipment through negligence, the student will be required to pay for the piece of equipment. Determination of the Laboratory Grade :The laboratory grade is 50% of your final course grade. The determination of the laboratory grade is the responsibility of the labortory instructor.

Review the lecture outline
Lecture reading; Text Book