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Biology 4 section FV

Course Objectives

Biology 4 is a general biology course for students who are not Biology majors.

In this course you will try to understand life by understanding some of the molecular processes that occur in and around cells. To this end, a reductionist approach is taken. That is, in order understand the complex processes that occur in cells you will study the functions of individual parts of cells. The foundation of this approach is to achieve a basic understanding of the biological molecules that are found in and around cells. Using this information,the structures and functions of the plasma membrane, endomembrane system,cytoskeleton, mitochondria and chloroplast are studied. Included in this is a consideration of the structure and function of enzymes. Inthe last half of the course you will investigate the genetic material of cells and viruses and the processes by which this genetic material is expressed and passed from one generation to the next.

Basis of Grading

Your course grade will be determined by combining the grades you achieve in your lecture midterm exams, your lecture final exam and your laboratory grade. The lecture exams will count for one half of your final grade and the laboratory component will count for the other half of your final grade.

First lecture exam = 16.7 %
Second lecture exam = 16.7 %
Lecture Final exam = 16.7 %
Laboratory Grade = 50 %

Total Grade = 100 %

Laboratory grades are given by your laboratory instructor. Each instructor will inform you of his/her policy, however all instructors are expectedto test your knowledge using a combination of short answer written essay test questions,assignments and laboratory participation.


Your lecturer or laboratory instructor will give you all the information you need in determining your grade and will always be availabl eduring office hours to answer any reasonable questions.. General informationon, Biology Department policy, personnel and procedures is available through members of the faculty and staff located in Rm 200 NE.

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