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Lecture Outline

Biology 4 section FV

Who, What, When, Where and Why

1] Forces That Determine The Shapes And Interactions of Biological Molecules

2] Structures and Properties of Biological Molecules

3] Cell Membranes

4] The Endomembrane System and Other Intracellular Membrane Bounded Structures

5] Cytoskeleton and Intercellular Connections

6] Enzymes

7] Metabolism

Overview of ATP production

8] Photosynthesis


9] Molecular Biology


10] Genetic Engineering

11] Viruses

The Lecturer Biology 4 section FV is ProfessorJamesNishiura.Therequiredtextbookforthiscourse is Biology, 5th edition or earlier byN.Campbell;(publisher)BenjaminCummings ReadingsforLecture

Lecture examinations

First Midterm-

Second Midterm;

Final Exam;

Laboratory Outline
Lecture reading; Text Book