Overall view of photosynthesis

Light dependent reactions

The light dependent reactions are so named because light is required for these reactions to occur.

The light dependent reaction take place in and around the granna.

Water is split yielding oxygen, hydrogen ions and low energy electrons.

The low energy electrons in water may end up as high energy electrons in NADPH. NADPH is one of the products of the light dependent reactions.

ATP is also synthesized during the light dependent reactions.


Light independent reactions

The light independent reactions occur in the absence of light.

The enzymes of the light dependent reactions are found in the stroma

During these reactions carbond dioxide is "fixed" which is to say carbon dioxide is incorporated into organic molecules.

The fixed carbon dioxide enters into a series of reactions known as the Calvin Benson cycle. These reactions require NADPH and ATP, two of the products of the light dependent reactions.

One of the intermediates of the Calvin-Benson cycle, alpha glycerolphosphate, is used to synthesize glucose.


overview of photosynthesis