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Important Information

Biology 4 Section FV

Professor James Nishiura

Note: this information applies only to those lecture sections taught by Professor Nishiura.Other students should consult their individual lecture and laboratory instructors.

Important Dates

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I miss a class?
    You must attend all laboratory classes. Attendance is taken by the laboratory instructor. If you miss a laboratory class you must arrange to make-up the exercise in another laboratory class.
  2. But if I'm ill and cannot come to a class?
    If you are ill, you must do three things;
    (a) get a note from your doctor describing your illness, which you must show to your lab instructor
    (b) attend another laboratory class that is performing the same exercise
    (c) get a note from the lab instructor which you must then show to your regular instructor so he/she can mark you as present for that exercise.
  3. What kind of tests do you give?
    All three lecture examinations ( two mid-terms and final) consist of 30 multiple choice questions. There is extensive use of drawings and diagrams in the exams.
  4. What is on the test?
    The material on the mid-term exam comes from three sources;
    (a) all lecture notes concerning the topics to be covered on the exams
    (b) all the readings from the text book concerning the topics to be covered on the exams
    (c) the final will have extensive coverage of laboratory material starting from laboratory 8. The two midterms will not have material that is covered solely in the laboratories.
    NOTE: starting from this semester, additional material which will help you with these examinations will be posted from this home page on the WEB.
  5. Is the exams accumulative?
    No, although the nature of learning is accumulative.
  6. If I don't do well on the mid-term can I still pass the course?
    Yes. Your lecture instructor will show you how the course is graded (and you can see the grading formula on these WEB pages). Even with a poor score on the mid-term exam you can still pass the course.

Review the lecture outline
Laboratory Outline
Lecture reading; Text Book

tm">Lecture reading; Text Book

L> tm">Lecture reading; Text Book