A Message to Incoming Graduate Students

The Chemistry Department of Brooklyn College welcomes you to the CUNY doctoral program. Our department, a major participant in the graduate program, offers you a wide variety of research experiences . The research programs of individual faculty members are described in the department's brochure and our web site. We would be happy to supply you with further information you might desire.

When you join us in September you will participate in a program which provides you with health insurance, a substantial stipend and no teaching obligations during your first year at the University. During your first year you will work in a few laboratories throughout the University to assist you in the choice of a research mentor. These short-term assignments are referred to as rotations.

We hope that you will give Brooklyn College careful consideration for doing a rotation and, of course, for your thesis research. We think that we offer many advantages.

  • A diverse faculty dedicated to your success.
  • A wide variety of research projects, many with biochemical emphasis
  • High quality instrumentation
  • Professional preparation and support for your future career
  • Reasonably priced private housing
  • Excellent public transportation.

Faculty members have prepared descriptions of the research projects you may choose during your first year rotations. Click on the links below to read more about the rotation research projects that interest you and do not hesitate to get in touch with us if we may help you in any way.

Professor Stacey Brenner: Organic Synthesis

Professor Maria Contel: Inorganic, Organometallic Chemistry

Professor Terry Dowd: Analytical and Biochemistry

Professor Lesley Davenport: Biochemistry, Biophysics

Professor Brian Gibney: Biochemistry, Protein Structure

Professor Alec Greer: Organic

Professor Andrzej Jarzecki: Theoretical

Professor Mark Kobrak: Theoretical Chemistry, Ionic Liquids

Professor Laura Juszczak: Biophysical

Professor Richard Magliozzo: Biochemistry

Professor Roberto Sanchez-Delgado: Inorganic, Organometallic

Professor Micha Tomkiewicz: Environmental Studies