Alexander Greer

Professor, Department of Chemistry
The City University of New York, Brooklyn College

Past-President: American Society for Photobiology

Co-chair: Committee of Concerned Scientists

Associate Editor: Photochemistry and Photobiology

Board of Editors: Structural Chemistry

Co-editor: The Chemistry of Peroxides, Volume 3 (John Wiley & Sons), 2014.

Department of Chemistry
Graduate Center and CUNY
Brooklyn College
Brooklyn, New York 11210

Phone: 718-951-5000 ext. 2830
Fax: 718-951-4607


Alexander Greer is a professor of organic chemistry at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York (CUNY). With experience in photochemistry, singlet oxygen reactions, peroxy intermediates, and photodynamic therapy, our group sees these fields as flourishing with many developments on the horizon. Basic photochemistry that leads to latent dark effects in phototherapy presents a major challenge in research. A better understanding of complex photochemical processes is therefore urgently needed. Our group is excited to help provide mechanistic insights to sort out the reactive oxygen intermediates in photooxidation reactions. A crucial step is to solve sequential light and post-illumination processes, which are often mechanistically inaccessible. The group utilizes both experimental and theoretical methods to research fundamental aspects in the photosciences, including a focus on controlling and amplifying the production of reactive oxygen intermediates. Our research provides synthetic and mechanistic studies that facilitate the deconvolution of photochemical processes, a vital component to the improvement of fundamental and medical understanding. Broader implications include latent effects in the phototherapy of ovarian cancer and toxicity of free radical particulates. Our work is currently funded by the National Science Foundation.



Techniques to be learned upon doing lab rotations may include: Methods in Photochemistry and Photosensitization, Organic Synthesis, and Drug Design; Nanotechnology; NMR and LCMS Techniques, Laser Spectroscopy and Biomedical Engineering, Cell Culturing, Sustainable Engineering and Green Chemistry, and Computational Methods.

Goutam Ghosh (postdoctoral fellow); Serah Essang, Akshaya Iyer, Lloyd Lapoot, Kamrun Nahar, and Oliver Turque (Ph.D. students); Rekha Bhusal (Master's student); Johirul Bipu, Yolette Bukai, Devorah Scheinfeld; Ikhil Yevdayev, and Sharon Yunayev (undergraduate students); Begimai Djumagluova and Mason Yeung (high school students)


PUBLICATIONS 2020 - present

[(a) Ph.D. student; (b) MS student; (c) Undergraduate student; (d) Research assistant at Brooklyn College]

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Assistant Professor (1999-2003), Associate Professor (2004-2007), Professor (2008-present) at the Graduate Center and CUNY Brooklyn College.