How I constructed this Web site

  First I would like to thank Dr. Manfred Philip for his wisdom and warm heart in guiding the Enzymology class at the Graduate School of the City University of New York. This webpage is dedicated to you.

  I would also thank Nicolas Carrasco for his help in finding reference, and Professor Huang for his advice in some questions about ribozymes. The web space is provided by the academic FTP server of Brooklyn College, and joins as part of the web of Professor Huang's laboratory.

  The main software I used to set up the web are:

Microsoft FrontPage 98; Netscape Communicator 4.5; Internet Explorer 5.0;

Adobe PhotoShop 5.0; CS Chemdraw Std; Microsoft Word 97;

Rasmol viewer; Cn3D 2.0; RNAdraw.

  Some picture files were scanned using BIO-RAD Gs-710 scanner.