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Classical Origins of Western Culture

Self-Quiz:Vergil's Aeneid, Book 1

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1. What are the central themes of Vergil's epic poem as announced in its opening line?

war and peace
hope and despair
war and a man
love and war

2. What force is ultimately responsible for Aeneas' epic journey from Troy to Italy to found Rome?

his own wrath
Juno's wrath
destiny (fate)

3. What are the reasons for Juno's opposition to Aeneas?:

his failure to sacrifice to her and his hatred of the Greeks
her memory of the judgment of Paris and fear that a generation of Trojan descent would overthrow her favorite city, Carthage
Aeneas spurns marriage and therefore neglects worship of Juno, goddess of marriage
his arrogance and impiety

4. The first simile in the Aeneid compares the furious storm sent against Aeneas' ships by Juno to

the fiery destruction of Troy at the end of the Trojan War
a lion when it attacks cattle in a pen
furious rioting that breaks out in a great city
the fury of a woman scorned

5. How does the this simile connect the narrative of the Aeneid with first century B.C.E. Rome?

it evokes the civil wars and the peace wrought by Octavian
it evokes the overthrow of the last Etruscan king and founding of the Republic
it evokes the invasion by Hannibal and the victory wrought by Scipio
it is about the age of heroes and therefore has no meaningful connection to first century Rome

6. What is Venus' complaint to Jupiter?

that he allowed the Greeks to destroy her beloved Troy
that he has failed to reward Aeneas' loyalty by bringing him to rest in a new home
that Aeneas, her son, does not honor her as a goddess
that Dido and the Carthaginians do not honor her as a goddess

7. What does Jupiter promise that the Trojan Caesar will accomplish?

put unholy Furor in chains
plunder the East
shut the Gates of War
all of the above

8. Who meets Aeneas, disguised like a huntress (i.e., like Artemis)?


9. How does Aeneas introduce himself to Venus-in-disguise?

I am Aeneas, sacker of cities
I am Aeneas, son of Venus
I am Aeneas, duty-bound
I am Aeneas, man of pain

10. What does Aeneas see depicted on the walls of Juno's temple in Carthage?

Romulus and Remus being suckled by a wolf
scenes from the city of Rome, yet to come
scenes from the Trojan War
scenes from Dido's departure from Phoenicia and the founding of Carthage


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