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Self-Quiz on Vergil's Aeneid (Book 4)

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1. At the beginning of Book 4, Dido's sister Anna advises her to

leave Cathage and return to Tyre
forget her dead husband Sychaeus and yield to her love for Aeneas
seek a husband from among the peoples in the lands bordering Carthage
reject love and remain independent as queen of her own city

2. When Juno and Venus confer, they agree that

Aeneas and Dido must be separated so that they may follow their separate fates
Dido's love for Aeneas must remain tragically unfulfilled
Aeneas and his men will make Carthage their home for three generations
Aeneas and Dido will consummate their love affair in a cave

3. Rumor spreads the word of the "marriage" of Dido and Aeneas. Vergil describes Rumor as

totally invisible to human beings
a creature with multiple eyes, feathers, tongues, ears, and mouths
a stately goddess who insures that injustices are revealed to all
a personal messenger whom Juno employs to carry out schemes against Jupiter

4. Jupiter sends Mercury down to Carthage in response to a prayer from


5. What message does Mercury bring to Aeneas?

Aeneas' love affair with Dido is immoral and must be ended immediately
Aeneas must carry out his duty to future generations by going to Italy
Aeneas must be more considerate of Dido, whose passion threatens to overwhelm her
Carthage is surrounded by hostile neighbors, who threaten Aeneas and his son Ascanius

6. In response to Mercury's message, Aeneas

goes to the temple of Jupiter (Jove) to seek further guidance
rushes to Dido to tell her of his future plans
prays to Venus to cure Dido of the terrible passion which is destroying her
secretly prepares to leave Carthage

7. When confronted by Dido, Aeneas says that

Dido should marry King Iarbas to protect her city
it was foolish of Dido to make so much of a casual love affair
he is going unwillingly to Italy because Jupiter commands him to do so
all of the above

8. As Aeneas' fleet prepares to sail, Dido sends Anna to ask Aeneas

to postpone his departure until the weather is better for sailing
to give up his planned voyage to Italy
to seek the counsel of all the gods and goddesses by visiting their temples
to leave his son Ascanius in Carthage so that Aeneas will have descendants there

9. Dido asks Anna to build a pyre in the inner courtyard and tells Anna that she intends to

commit suicide
burn up her marriage bed and everything left behind by Aeneas
make a great sacrifice to Venus, Juno, Mercury, and Jupiter
light a beacon-fire to guide Aeneas on his way

10. As Aeneas is sailing out of the harbor, Dido

rushes to the shore and pleads vainly with Aeneas to change his mind
vows that her descendants and those of Aeneas will be bitter enemies
goes to the temple of Juno and prays for help in bringing peace to Carthage
calls on the people of Carthage to pursue and capture Aeneas and his men

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Format and code "borrowed" from Timothy Shortell's Sociology 19 website (2/99)