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Classical Origins of Western Culture

Self-Quiz:Aeneid, Book 8

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1. What does the Tiber river god tell Aeneas in a dream?

that the land of Italy is Aeneas' new home
that a white sow with 30 suckling piglets will be a sign for Aeneas
that Aeneas should seek an alliance with King Evander
all of the above

2. What are the people of Evander's village doing when Aeneas arrives?

preparing for war, because they heard Trojans were coming
celebrating a feast to Hercules
looking for their stolen cattle
holding funeral games

3. To whom does Aeneas trace his and Evander's common ancestry?:


4. To whom did the quiver full of Lycian arrows that Pallas now owns once belong?


5. Evander tells Aeneas about the time Hercules

cleaned the stables of Augeius
killed a monster named Cacus
was killed by his wife who mistook poison for a love potion
brought Alcestis back from Hades

6. Where does Virgil say Evander's cattle are roaming?

in and out of the former cave of Cacus
through the grove of Jove (Jupiter)
through what is now the house of Augustus and temple of Apollo
through what is now the Forum and an affluent neighborhood of Rome

7. What does Venus ask her husband, Vulcan, to do?

make a set of armor for Aeneas
cause a volcano to stop the Tiber from flooding
persuade his mother, Juno, to turn from her anger
light her cigarette

8. What advice does Evander give Aeneas?

return to Sicily and establish a city there
avoid bloody conflict at any cost
seek alliance with the Etrurians, who are more numerous than Evander's men
none of the above

9. Why, according to Evander, are the Etrurians eager for war with the Latins?

Turnus had stolen their cattle
their wicked king, Mezentius, had taken asylum with Turnus
the Latins had turned them out of their ancestral land
Turnus had taken Etrurian women as slaves

10.What is depicted in the center of the shield of Aeneas?

the sea and the naval battle of Actium
the twelve-tables of Roman law
the sun, moon, and stars
Aeneas carrying Anchises and pulling Ascanius by the hand


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