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Classical Origins of Western Culture

Self-Quiz: Apology

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1. At the beginning of the Apology Sokrates states that he must first defend himself against his first accusers. Which of the following accusations did they make?

Sokrates studies things in the sky and beneath the earth
he makes the worse into the stronger argument
he teaches his doctrines to others
all of the above

2. In response to a question from Sokrates' student Chaerephon, the oracle of Apollo at Delphi declared that

Sokrates was fated to die
the Athenians should follow Sokrates' teachings
no one was wiser than Sokrates
Sokrates had failed to worship the traditional gods

3. As a result of his questioning of politicians, poets, and craftsmen, Sokrates concluded that

they knew far more than he did
everyone should pursue the occupation for which he or she is best suited
his own wisdom consisted in realizing that he was ignorant
Athens was a center of various kinds of expert knowledge

4. Sokrates says to Meletus: ". . .if I believe in divine activities I must quite inevitably believe in divine beings." (27d) Sokrates is trying to show that

Meletus' accusation of atheism is inconsistent with his other accusations
everyone must fear the vengeance of the gods
the people of Athens should follow Sokrates' teachings
it is futile to argue about the nature of gods and goddesses

5. Sokrates compares the Athenians to a sluggish horse and himself to a horsefly (gadfly). The point of the comparison is that

the Athenians need more competitive spirit
the god has placed Sokrates in Athens to awaken the Athenians
the Athenians should make Sokrates their political leader
no one should take Sokrates too seriously

6. Sokrates quotes Thetis' statement to Achilles in Iliad 18 that Achilles' own death will come soon after Hektor's, in order to show that

a great deal has changed since the time of Homer
the gods and goddesses will always protect those who are just
no one should be deterred by fear of death from doing what is right
anger can cause the death of even a great hero

7. According to Sokrates the Athenians should strive, above all,

to honor all the gods and goddesses
to reward teachers of philosophy
to treat citizens and foreigners equally and considerately
to make their souls as good as possible

8. Sokrates states that he has never taken part in politics because

he believes that politicians are evil
a divine voice told him not to
he wished to devote time to his studies
he disagreed with the policies of the party in power

9. After the verdict, both the prosecution the defense proposed punishments. Sokrates' proposal was

free meals at public expense
voluntary exile
a heavy financial penalty
death by drinking hemlock

10. In the last of his three speeches, Sokrates states that death

is terrible and must be postponed at all costs
brings reward to the virtuous and punishment to the wicked
shows the insignificance of human life
brings either oblivion or continued existence in Hades


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