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Self-Quiz:Iliad Book 18

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1. How does Achilles learn the news of Patroklos' death?

Patroklos' ghost appeared to Achilles and told him what had happened.
Antilochos, Nestor's son, comes in from the battlefield to tell him
Hektor charges into the Achaean camp in his chariot and boasts to Achilles that he has killed Patroklos
Achilles sees Nestor bringing Patroklos body into the camp in a chariot.

2. When Achilles heard the news of Patroklos' death, the FIRST thing he did was

pour dust over his head and stretch out on the ground.
swear that he would kill Hektor if it was the last thing he ever did.
took a spear and ran to join the fight over Patroklos' corpse.
took a walk along the sea shore to think.

3. When Thetis reminded Achilles that Zeus had brought to pass all he had asked, Achilles said that:

Zeus had not fulfilled his promise.
he wished he had never followed Agamemnon to Troy.
he should have taken the gifts the first time and led the Myrmidons himself.
he had no pleasure in it now since Patroklos was dead.

4. The Achaeans finally gain the upper hand in the battle over Patroklos' body because

Hera sent a message to Achilles to show himself on the wall
Athena draped about Achilles' shoulders the aegis of Zeus
Achilles screamed at the Trojans and fire leapt from his head
all of the above

5. Poulydamas advises Hektory to

advance while the Trojans still have an advantage
retreat behind the city walls to avoid meeting Achilles on the plain
to settle matters in a duel with Achilles while the two armies look on
to flip a coin to decide what to do because Poulydamas was at a loss

6. What did Achilles and the Achaeans do all night after Patroklos' death?

ate, drank, and danced
planned the next day's tactics
sang the paean
lamented for Patroklos

7. Hephaestos owes Thetis a favor because

she had once procured fire for his forge
she had persuaded Charis to marry him
she rescued him at the time of his great fall
she had not divulged the secret of his great strength.

8. Why can Achilles not go straight into battle with the Trojans?

he is too sad
his strength has diminished from sitting out of the fighting
he has no armor
he is too angry with Agamemnon

9. Which of the following things is represented on Achilles' shield?

famous heroes
a council of the gods
the fall of Troy

10.In one scene on the shield, two men are disputing over

a stolen wife
the blood-price of a man who had been killed
the boundary between their lands
a contract to ship olive oil


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