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Self-Quiz: Iliad 22

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1. At the beginning of Book 22 Achilleus is taunted by


2. Priam tries to persuade Hektor to come back inside the city by stating that if Hektor dies

Priam will be mutilated by his own dogs
the gods will be angry
the Trojans will have to choose a new leader
Helen will have to leave Troy

3. Hektor decides he cannot retreat within the city walls instead of facing Achilles because

the gates are shut
he is wounded
he would suffer the reproach of the Trojans
he is disoriented

4. Which of the following best describes Zeus' attitude toward Hektor?


5. How does Athene help Achilles?

she tells him to stop and get his wind
she deceives Hektor by take the form of Deiiphobos
she retrieves Achilles' spear
all of the above

6. With his dying breath, Hektor requests that Achilles

take ransom for Hektor's corpse
take care of Andromakhe and Astyanax
not let his mother watch him die
let Hektor's son keep the immortal armor

7. Achilles refuses Hektor's request, wishing instead that he could

drag Hektor's wife and child as slaves to Phthia
hack up Hektor's flesh and eat him raw
have Hektor's weight in gold
bury Hektor himself

8. According to the alimentary code, humans eat

vegetables only
nectar and ambrosia
raw flesh
cooked meat

9. What is Andromakhe doing when Hektor dies

nursing her son
playing the lyre

10. What does Hekabe do after Achilles drags off Hektor's corpse behind his chariot?

leads the Trojan women in a lament
announces her intent to go to Achilles and supplicate him
falls down dead

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Format and code shamelessly lifted from Prof. Hardy Hansen's Core 1/P site