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Self-Quiz: Iliad 24

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1. Describe Achilleus' state in the beginning of Book 24


2. What request does Zeus make of Thetis?

that she steal Hektor's body away from Achilleus
that she not tell Hera about their arrangement to honor Achilleus
that she tell Achilleus to give back Hektor's corpse for ransom
that she perform funeral rites for Hektor

3. How does Hekabe respond to Priam's intention to go to Achilleus?

she asks to go with him
she tries to stop him
she brings Priam gifts to take with him
she prays for his safety

4. Whom does Zeus send to accompany Priam to the Achaian camp?


5. What does Priam do when he first enters Achilleus' hut?

eats with Achilleus
hands over gifts to Achilleus
commands his messenger to announce him
takes hold of Achilleus' knees and kisses his hands

6. What ritual act is Priam thus performing?

gift exchange

7. What is Achilleus' reaction to Priam's impatience?

his anger flares up again
he reassures his old guest
he hurries so Priam can get back to Troy
he is frightened

8. What is the message of the story of Niobe?

the gods punish wrongdoers
human life is insignificant
human beings cannot escape their fate
even the greatest grief has a limit

9. Why does Hermes urge Priam to leave Achilleus' hut?

because Achilleus might kill him
because Agamemnon might hold him for ransom
because the Trojans are planning a nocturnal attack
because Hekabe is dying

10. How does the Iliad, the song of Achilleus' wrath, end?

with Achilleus' death
with the return of Helen to Menelaos
with the burial of Hektor, breaker of horses
with the destruction of Troy

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