Core Curriculum 1.1

Classical Cultures

Book 3 - 4.72

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1. What proposal does Alexandros (aka Paris) make after Hektor scolds him for hiding from Menelaos?

Alexandros says that if Hektor is so brave, he (Hektor) should challenge Menelaos to a duel.
Alexandros says that he himself will meet Menelaos in a duel that will decide the outcome of the war.
Alexandros says they should cast lots to see who faces Menelaos in a duel.
Alexandros says that he is tired of the war and will just give Helen back without a fight.

2. What crime of Alexandros does Menelaos mention in his prayer to Zeus?

Alexandros had committed adultery with Menelaos' wife.
Alexandros wronged a host who had extended friendship to him.
Alexandros had lied about his reason for coming to Sparta.
Alexandros had killed one of Menelaos' friends following an argument.

3. Who saves Alexandros by breaking the chinstrap of his helmet?:


4. What is Helen doing when she first appears in the narrative?

playing the lyre

5. When Helen goes to the wall to watch the battle, King Priam

greets her with respect and affection.
sends her back to her home.
asks her to leave Troy.
scolds her for her immorality.

6. Priam asks Helen

why she has caused all this heartbreak.
whom she prefers, Alexandros or Menelaos.
the identities of the great Greek warriors.
which of the gods is responsible for the war.

7. What is Helen's first reaction to Aphrodite's command that she go to Alexandros in their bedroom?

Helen refuses, telling Aphrodite to go herself.
Helen is afraid that Alexandros will be angry with her.
Helen asks Aphrodite for a love potion.
Helen agrees straightaway, relieved that Alexandros is still alive.

8. At the end of Book 3, Alexandros is

ashamed of his defeat in the duel.
eager to return to battle immediately.
praying to the gods for help.
eager to go to bed with Helen.

9. What does Zeus claim is the only thing that would satisfy Hera's anger against the Trojans?

If she could help the Greeks raze the city so it would never rise again.
If she could eat Priam, his children, and all the Trojans raw.
If Zeus would strike the city with his lightning bolt and leave it a heap of ashes.
If Alexandros would finally admit that Hera is the most beautiful of goddesses.

10.What does Hera offer Zeus in exchange for the destruction of Troy?

gold, silver, and bronze without limit
the most beautiful woman in the world
the destruction of three of her favorite cities
immortal fame for Hektor


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