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Self-Quiz:Iliad Book 6

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1. When Menelaos captures Adrestos, Adrestos begs to be spared and offers ransom. Then

Menelaos takes the ransom and releases Adrestos.
Adrestos is killed trying to escape.
Menelaos and Adrestos agree not to fight each other.
Agamemnon persuades Menelaos to refuse the ransom and kill Adrestos.

2. The narrator says that Agamemnon was able to change Menelaos' mind (about ransoming Adrestos) because

Agamemnon was commander in chief of the Greek armies
Agamemnon urged justice
in his heart, Menelaos really wanted to kill Adrestos
Agamemnon was more eloquent than Adrestos

3. Glaukos (a Trojan ally) and Diomedes (a Greek) agree to exchange armor and not fight each other:

because Diomedes' grandfather was once host to Glaukos' grandfather.
in order to exchange identities.
because each is afraid he will die if they fight.
because they are tired of the war.

4. Helenos, a Trojan seer, tells Hektor to go back inside the city of Troy

to bring King Priam out to ride before the Trojan army in order to encourage them in battle.
to find Paris and bring him back to finish the duel with Menelaos.
to tell his mother, Hekabe, to make an offering to Athena in hopes that she will have mercy on the Trojans.
to reinforce the walls where they are the weakest in order to prepare for an Achaean assault.

5. When Hektor visits his mother, she offers him wine. Then

Hektor pours an offering to Zeus and prays for victory.
Hekabe advises him to be cautious when fighting
Hektor refuses the wine
The Trojans gather for a great sacrifice to the gods.

6. When Hektor visits Helen and Paris, he scolds Alexandros and urges him to return to the war. Then

Alexandros readily agrees.
Helen begs Alexandros not to go.
Alexandros angrily refuses.
Aphrodite hides Alexandros in a cloud of mist.

7. While Hektor is in Alexandros' and Helen's bedroom, she

offers him wine
asks him to sit a while on a chair beside her.
scolds Hektor for being so hard on Alexandros.
she weaves silently and does not speak.

8. In the last scene in Book 6, Hektor meets his wife Andromache and their infant son Astyanax (Skamandrios)

in their home.
in the palace of Priam.
on the battlefield.
at the Skaian gates.

9. When Andromache begs Hektor to stay inside the city, Hektor's reply to her includes the statement that

Hektor will not die because the gods are protecting him.
the city of Troy will surely fall.
Andromache will always be safe
the Trojans will outwit the Greeks.

10. When Hektor tries to take his son Astyanax in his arms,

Astyanax holds his father tightly around the neck and begs him not to go.
Astyanax cries out in fear of the horse- hair plume on Hektor's helmet.
Astyanax is too busy playing with Hektor's javelin to pay attention.
Andromache pulls the child away because she is angry at Hektor.


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