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Classical Origins of Western Culture

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1. ERYXIMACHUS: What is Eryximachus' occupation?

teacher of rhetoric
comic poet

2. ERYXIMACHUS: According to Eryximachus, the fundamental effect of Love is

to blind men to their lover's faults
to produce virtuous acts in the beloved
to establish a harmony, or balance, between discordant elements
to make the world go 'round

3. ARISTOPHANES: What does "androgynous" refer to? :

the Platonic Form of the human
a woman who is attracted to women
an effeminate male
a human made up of male and female elements

4. ARISTOPHANES: Why did Zeus cut primordial humans in half?

they were almost always unhappy because their two 'halves' couldn't get along
their spherical shape made it hard for them to get around
they tried to make an ascent to heaven to attack the gods
he was trying to wipe our the human race and start fresh

5. ARISTOPHANES: Why did Zeus have Apollo turn the face and neck on the humans?

so they could reproduce with another human instead of alone
so they could see that they'd been cut and thus remember to keep better order
so they could see where they were going
so they could only see where they had been

6. ARISTOPHANES: Where do the best and most manly boys come from?

from the humans that were fully male before they were split
from the humans that were fully female before they were split
from the humans that were composed of male and female before they were split
the gymnasium

7. ARISTOPHANES: To whom are these 'best and most manly boys' attracted?

no one, because they are above sexual attraction
men or women indiscriminately

8. ARISTOPHANES: How does Aristophanes explain Love?

it is pursuit of physical gratification
it is pursuit of wholeness
it is selfless concern for the welfare of another peson
it is emulation of relations between the gods

9. AGATHON: What does Agathon say is the only correct way of praising a god?

with poetry rather than with pedantic speeches
first for his/her qualities and second for his/her benefits
only for his/her nature and not for his/her benefits
with sacrifices and costly temples (which he proposes to build for Eros with his prize-money)

10. AGATHON: Which of the following does Agathon mention as a quality of Eros?

delicate feet
manly bravery
all of the above


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