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Classical Origins of Western Culture

Self-Quiz:Plato's Symposium (3)

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1. The point of Socrates'argument that love (Eros) desires what it does not have is to refute Agathon's claim that

Eros is longing for one's 'other half'
Eros is the most ancient of the gods
Eros is beautiful
Animals are all begotten through Eros' skill

2. What does Socrates say Agathon is unable to challenge?

the truth
Socrates' wisdom
the power of Eros
love of beautiful boys

3. Who does Socrates say taught him the art of love?:

his beloved, Alcibiades
Plato, his favorite student
Diotima, a priestess of Mantinea
his wife (who remains unnamed)

4. Who, according to Diotima, are Eros' parents?

Zeus and Dione
Poros (resource) and Penia (poverty)
Chaos alone
Beauty and Ugliness

5. According to Diotima, a lover seeks his other half only when

he is threatened with being cut in half again.
it is also male
when he is driven by self-gratification
it turns out to be good as well

6. According to Diotima, what everyone loves is really nothing other than

the good
one's other half
love itself

7. According to Diotima, what does Eros, by its very nature, ultimately aim for?


8. What does Diotima say is the first step for the young man who wants to give birth to beautiful deeds and to virtue?

to love one beautiful body
to study philosophy
to love the gods
to love his parents

9. According to Diotima, it is only after ascending a ladder of love and falling in love with a whole sea of wisdom that one

is a true philosopher
can truly appreciate sexual love
grasps the tragedy that is life
glimpses the eternal, unchanging, pure, essence of Beauty

10. What does Alcibiades make his speech in praise of?



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