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Self-Quiz: Thucydides 2.34-55

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1. What is the event that occasions Perikles' speech in PW 2.34-46?

a victory in battle
a public funeral for war dead
a defeat in battle
independence day

2. Why is Perikles chosen to give this speech?

because he was general
because he held the highest political office in Athens
because his submission was selected as the best speech by a committee
because of his intellectual gifts and general reputation

3. How does Perikles say that the Athenians acquired their empire?

it basically fell into their lap after the Persian Wars
the men whom they are burying just now built it up from nothing
with gifts of friendship given to their allies
with the blood and toil of their ancestors

4. Pericles devotes most of his to praising whom?

Athena and Poseidon
the war dead
Athens and the character of her citizens

5. What does Perikles mean when he says: "our city is an education to Greece"?

the Sophists, purveyors of a new education, originated in Athens
Athen's natural character and virtue earn her a position of power
all well-educated Greek men came to Athens to study
none of the above

6. What does Perikles say about Athenian law?

people respect them and are treated equitably before the law
their laws are harsh and everyone is coerced to obey them
they took their system of law from the one in Sparta
they have no need for laws in Athens

7. What do Thucydides' purpose in recording the symptoms of the plague and his purpose in writing history have in common

they are both to show off Thucydides' wide range of technical knowledge
they are both to warn Athenians about the punishment that follows trifling with the gods
they are both to help people understand similar events when they happen in the future
they are both to make people laugh

8. What effect does Thucydides say the plague had on the Athenians' attitude toward religion and law

they lamented their impiety and made sacrifices to propitiate the gods
they became indifferent to religion and law entirely
they cursed the gods and their lawgivers for burdening them with religious and political duties
they changed their gods and made all new laws

9. What factor does Thucydides say made the plague worse than it otherwise might have been?

the physicians all deserted to the Spartan allies
the plague was spread by infected birds
the populace was already suffering from several other epidemics that had struck recently
the country-dwellers had been removed from their land into the city proper and between the long walls

10. In what sense was the Athenian warning to Sparta about "accidents" and the "unpredictable" (1.78) ironic?

the plague struck the Spartans harder than anyone else
the Athenians themselves were waylaid by an unforeseeable plague
the plague was caused by high levels of iron in the water
none of the above

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