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Unit I 

Defining Culture:   Some Greek & Roman Models
What do we mean by Culture? For assigned modules  from Sappho, Catullus, Homer, Virgil & Herodotus, click here. For a first, brief TIME CHART , click here.

Unit II 

Culture in Action: Rise & Fall of Empire 
[Athens fifth century (500-400) BCE]
Cultural Conflict in Myth (drama: tragedy): Antigone, click here, &  Prometheus Bound, click here.


Cultural Conflict in Action (war: history) (oligarchy vs democracy; human nature vs law): for Thucydides readings click here.

Unit III 

Critique of Athens & Proposed Alternative Cultural Models (utopian visions) Failing Democratic Culture: Lysistrata (satiric critique: comic vision) click here , & Socrates' Apology (philosophical-satiric critique: tragic vision)) , click here.


Plan to Cure Democracy's Ills. Plato's New Model Culture, theRepublic, for a guide, click here.

Unit IV

Root Models: Powers & Flaws of Heroism
Old Model (heroic values & plots): Homer, click here.[under development]

Unit V

Rome Remodels Culture 
Rome Revises Homeric Roots (new empire demands new terms of fame & heroism): for Virgil, click here .


Aroma of Peace (further novelty in values & plot): for Petronius, click here.

Protocol for Reading: questions to ask on approaching texts & reporting what you find.

TIME CHART:click here for a developed chart, to be filled by further reading.


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