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Thucydides [thoo SIH dih dees], The War with the Peloponnesians. "City Cultures in Conflict" 
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 Background: Why write/study history? What makes a good story? What makes a (hi)story good? pp. 35-49 [click here]
Debate at Corinth: Spartan vs Athenian culture; claims & attitudes of Athens [law of human nature] pp. 72-85 {click here]
 Pericles: attitudes & claims for ideal Athens (laws & customs): advice to women.
plague: falling from customs & laws
Pericles' last word: limits to Athenian power
Mytilene [pp. 212-]: aims & claims of Athenian empire
Civil War in Corycra: human nature destroys truth, law of humanity (pp. 236-45)
Melos: ignoring Pericles' advice (law of human nature again) 
Syracuse: Tragic (?) Consequences for Athens

Thucydides [ca 460-400], Peloponnesian War
 History [tragic plot]

In Praise of Imperial Democracy -- 
Heroism of Athens Read The Peloponnesian War, pp. 143-151. 
TO DO: in blank spaces below & in the margins of your book, NOTE DOWN main issues & themes.
FIND & UNDERLINE in the text the themes underlined in the following outline. 
34 (1) WHAT?   WHEN?   FOR WHOM?  (2) WHO SPEAKS? _______ WHY CHOSEN?  [35-46: PRAISE of ATHENS: IDEAL of DEMOCRACY & EMPIRE] 35 WHAT are the limits to praise? 
 {defines GENRE of praise oration}
36.1-2: TOPICS -- ATHENS PAST & PRESENT ancestors: how far back do Athenians trace their tradition? 
 spirit .. constitution & way of life: main points of pride? 
 [37-41: CULTURE & EDUCATION] 37.1-2 model to others rather than imitating .. 
 democracy: its main characteristics as defined here? 
 38  OTHER VALUES of Athenian CULTURE? 
(b) educational system:  SPARTA
 40.1-2 LOVE -- What do Athenians love? Role of private & public? 
Role of words & deeds? 
Role of friendship? 
41 SUMMING UP -- CLAIMS of Athens as EDUCATOR?   Note versatility {cf. Odysseus, ‘master of many turns’}
EMPIRE: What its main monuments? 
What forms of praise most suit empire? 
What traditional form of praise is unnecessary, even inadequate? 
{GENRE of praise oration compared with epic praise:  in what ways is HISTORY superior to EPIC? [41-43: PRAISE OF THE DEAD] 41-42.1-2 Main Thrust? Individuals or this kind of city? 
43  NOTE: fall in love with WHAT? 
[44-46: A MORAL for the SURVIVORS]
44  Main Thrust? 
45  Main Thrust? 
46  Main Thrust? 
STUDY QUESTIONS: answer the following questions on the basis of your reading:  How does the picture of Athens drawn by Pericles resemble the picture given by the Athenians at Corinth?

At the same time, can you notice ways in which Pericles differs from those Athenians? 

  But above all, how does Pericles’s view of Athens compare with how the Corinthians saw it? :

  Mention two or three ways in whch this Athens of Pericles resembles the pictures of human culture that you have seen in other genres: viz epic (Iliad 18, Odyssey 9) 

 At the same, what strikes you as particularly new & different about Athens? 

 In what respects do the new features of Athens resemble any modern customs and institutions? 

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