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Principles of Marketing Management (BUSN 3100)

TEXTBOOK: Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius , Marketing:  The Core , Latest Edition, McGraw-Hill.  This is a paperback.

An online marketing glossary/dictionary may be found at MarketingPower.com (AMA):  http://www.marketingpower.com/live/mg-dictionary.php

1. Introduction; Marketing Management Philosophies; Relationship Marketing (Chapters 1, 2)
2. Environments Affecting Marketing (Chapter 3)
3. Consumer Behavior (Chapters 5, 6)
4. Marketing Planning and Forecasting (Chapter 8)
5. Market Segmentation (Chapter 9)
6. Marketing Research and MIS (Chapter 8)
7. Product Policy; New Product Development (Chapters 10, 11) 
8. Pricing Policy (Chapters 12)
9. Channel Policy and Physical Distribution (Chapter 13)
10. Retailing, E-Commerce, Direct Marketing, and Wholesaling (Chapters 14, 15)
11. Advertising, Publicity, and Sales Promotions (Chapter 16)
12. Personal Selling (Chapter 17)
13. Global Marketing (Chapter 7)
14. Marketing and Society, Marketing Ethics (Chapter 4)

Disabilities:   In order to receive disability-related academic accommodations, students must first be registered with the Center for Student Disability Services.  Students who have a documented disability or suspect they may have a disability are invited to set up an appointment with the Director of the Center for Student Disability Services, Ms. Valerie Stewart-Lovell, at 718-951-5538.  If you have already registered with the Center for Student Disability Services, please provide your professor with the course accommodation form and discuss your specific accommodation with him/her.

Review for Final Exam:
1.  KEY 100 TERMS IN MARKETING -- These terms are a must for anyone who is interested in marketing. There are many more terms for you to know, but these are of utmost importance.
2.  PRACTICE FINAL --This exam is fill-in so it is more difficult than than the final which is multiple choice.
3.  Important Article for you to read:  "Marketing Myopia" by Theodore Levitt
"Marketing Myopia" is arguably the most influential business article of all time.  You can Google it and possibly find it on the Internet for free or purchase it for a few dollars at the Harvard Business Review website -- http://hbr.org/product/marketing-myopia-hbr-classic/an/R0407L-PDF-ENG
4. Go to the marketing teacher website:  http://www.marketingteacher.com/Lessonstore.htm
Lessons that will help you  include:  Ansoff's matrix, Boston Matrix, Product Life Cycle, Adoption Process, and Personal Selling.
5.  The Online Marketing Degree website (thank you Heather Culbertson) has very useful information for marketing students.  It has an excellent overview of outdoor advertising:  http://www.marketingdegree.net/ 

Learn about plagiarism and how to cite reference sources using the APA (American Psychological Association) and Chicago style at:

Articles you Might Find Interesting (Don't worry.  They are not on the exam):
1. "The Largest Minority Group:  The Disabled"  and "The Largest Multicultural Market"  -- In this course you learned about ethnic marketing.  Here is a multicultural group that is very large and should not be ignored by marketers.  There are many products and services that can be targeted to the disabled. 

2.  You know about the importance of market segmentation.  Here is a paper that you might find interesting that discusses resonance marketing and how to target products and services to micro-niches.   This is a whole new approach to market segmentation made possible by the Internet. This will also give you ideas for new products and services.  Click on  "A New Kind of Marketing:  Creating Micro-niches Using Resonance Marketing"  for the paper.

3.  "Workplace Diversity:  The Key to Survival and Growth"  -- In this paper you will see why diversity is important for an organization that is interested in growth.

4.  "Biblical Foundations of Business Ethics"  -- The Bible can help a company understand the importance of business ethics.

GRADES -- CLASSROOM STUDENTS:  There will be a midterm and a final.


Important!!! All distance learning students (i.e., students taking this course on the Web) must have a current e-mail address in the Brooklyn College Portal. 


EXPECTED COURSE OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, students will:

(1) understand the language and vocabulary of marketing and be able to sue such terms as positioning, niche marketing, marketing strategy, marketing mix, etc.  Important terms are on the course website.

(2)  be able to create a simple marketing plan and apply marketing concepts to the successful running of an enterprise.  Students interested in entrepreneurship will understand the importance of marketing in the establishment and continued success of a new business.

(3) be provided with a foundation so that they may take advanced courses in advertising, international business, consumer behavior, electronic commerce, real estate, and sales management.

(4) appreciate the importance of global marketing (and foreign trade) to the economy of the United States. Understand how E-Commerce can be used by marketers to increase customer satisfaction and to enhance growth.

(5)  understand why a good marketer is an ethical marketer and why good marketers believe in employee diversity.