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Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Business, Management and Finance
Deputy Chair of
Brooklyn College
of the City University of New York

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Columbia University Graduate School of Business. PhD, 1991. MPhil, 1991.
Major Field: human resource policy.
Dissertation concerned employee voice and human resource regulation.

UCLA Graduate School of Management. MBA, 1981. Major: Statistics.

The College of Insurance. MBA, 1981. Major: Insurance.

Sarah Lawrence College. AB, 1975. Major: Philosophy.


Refereed Journal Articles

“How Universities Pay their Presidents.” Academic Questions, 19:2, Spring 2006.

“The Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management:  Midwife to a New Profession?”   Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal, 4:4, December 2005.

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 “Howard Roark and the Ghost of Admiral Rickover” with Mike Stanchina and Donald Grunewald.  Accepted for publication at International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management.

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in Ira Kay, Value at the Top.


Book/Chapters in Books

Wellness Programs for Taft Hartley Funds,  with Bernard Handel.   Brookfield, Wisconsin: International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, 1992.   Reviewed in Pension World, summer 1993.

"Benefits of Wellness Programs" in Jeffrey D. Mamorsky (ed.), Health Care Guide. New York: Warren, Gorham, Lamont, 1994.

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          Book Reviews

Review of Thomas Sowell, Affirmative Action around the World.  Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 17:213-14, 2005.


Review of Gustman and Steinmeier’s Pensions, Incentives and Labor Mobility. Compensation Management, Spring 1996.

Review of Gordon L. Clark's Pensions and Corporate Restructuring in American Industry. Journal of Labor Research, 1994.

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Review of E.S. Savas' Privatization: the Key to Better Government. Columbia Journal of World Business, Spring 1988.

Work in Progress

Salary structure of the labor market for university presidents.

Virtue Ethics and Managerial Competency: The Case of Enron.

Conferences and Proceedings

"Globalization in the Internet Age:  Satan or Savior," The Fourth Annual Faculty Day Conference at Brooklyn College, May 24, 2000 [with T. Amoo, A. Bhattacharya, B. J. Lewis, and M. Uctum].

"Continuous Improvement in the History of Human Resource Managment," Proceedings of The Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, March 22-24, 2000, 174-176.

"Professors, Managers, and Human Resource Education,"  Poster Session at the Industrial Relations Research AssociationWinter 2000.

"Saving the World:  Cutting-Edge Ideas from Business and Finance,"   Symposium at the Third Annual Faculty Day Conference at Brooklyn College, May 26, 1999 [with Bell, Bhattacharya, Friedman, Herskovitz, Lewis, Sardy, and Uctum].

"New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee" Proceedings of the North American Case Research Association. Fall 1998.

"Baccalaureate and Master's Degree Programs in Human Resource Management" with Donald Myers.  Proceedings of the Association of Management, August 1995.

"Health Reform and the Legal - Economic Nexus" with Frederick M. Murphy.   Presentation at the Allied Social Sciences Association for Evolutionary Economics Conference, Washington, D.C., January 8, 1995.

"Industrial Relations and Deming's Continuous Improvement Concept" with Farzad Mahmoodi.  Proceedings of the Association of Management, August 1994.


 Professional Activities

Referee, Human Resources/Careers Track, Southern Management Association Conference, 1995.

Human resource management group, policy and procedure coordinator, International Association of Management Annual Conference, 1995.

Member, utilization subcommittee of the member involvement committee, Academy of Management Human Resource Division, 1995.

Session chair, Human Resource Management, International Association of Management Annual Conference 1994.

Referee, Academy of Management Annual Conference, public sector division, 1992.

Referee, Decision Sciences annual conference, OB/OT track, 1992.

Book Review Editor, Columbia Journal of World Business 1989-90.

Program and Grant Development

Developed paradigm grant proposal for conversion of military airport bases to civilian use in conjunction with Dowling College National Aviation and Transportation Center.

Developed Mitel, Inc. grant, $3,500, at Clarkson University.

Submitted USIA grant for Russian Exchange program between Dowling College and Moscow Business University, 1994.

Academic Experience

Brooklyn College - CUNY, Associate Professor, 1998 - tball.gif (1653 bytes)present.

Iona College, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1996-1998.

Dowling College, Assistant Professor, 1994-1996.

Clarkson University, Assistant Professor, 1991-1994.

New York University, Stern School of Business, Adjunct Professor, 1996-1998.

Courses Taught since 2005

Strategic Human Resource Management.

Management of Organizations

Business Seminar (Image and Ideology and Corporate Social Responsibility).

Introduction to Management (Managerial Skills).

Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation.

Expert Witness and Professional

See my professional website at http://www.mitchell-langbert.com/.

Retained as expert witness on the much-publicized In Re Tittle et al. v. Enron et al. 401(k) case and ten other human resource management, fiduciary duty and employee benefit cases. Details and references are available upon request.

Design and delivery of negotiation and conflict resolution training for senior executives of the NYPD Spring 2007.

Doctoral dissertation, published in academic journals,  concerned compliance with and litigation under ERISA.

New York  State Assembly, Ways and Means Committee. Senior Budget Analyst responsible for pension and employee benefit issues. 1991.

City Federal Savings Bank. Director, employee benefits. 1986.

Johnson and Johnson,  Administrator, employee benefits. 1984.

International Nickel Company (Inco Ltd.), Administrator, employee benefits, 1979.

Corporate Experience

City Federal Savings and Loan, 1984-1986.
Director, employee benefits. Oversight of employee benefit plan design and administration for corporation with 7,000 employees. Planned, organized, and supervised health insurance cost containment program. Supervised benefit department staff. Developed accounting controls for ESOP and 401(k) plans.

Johnson and Johnson, 1981-1984.
Administrator, employee benefits. Designed corporate health and pension plans. Helped design corporate-wide h.r.i.s.

International Nickel Company of Canada Ltd. (Inco), 1976-1979.
Administrator, employee benefits. Administered and designed corporate health and pension plans.

Media/Public Sector/Public Service

Television Appearance, Fox Morning Show, August 16, 2007

Television Appearance, WWOR-TV UPN Nine News, New York City, 10:30 pm, February 9, 2006 concerning employment-at-will.

Quoted in Christian Science Monitor, December 29, 2005, concerning Transit Workers’  Strike.

Radio Interview.  WCBS All-News Radio 880, New York City.  Interview about Transit Workers’ Strike, Monday, December 19, 2005.

Television Appearance. New York One News (New York City). Interview about networking and career transition, Saturday October 30, 2004.


Television Appearance. New York One News (New York City). Interview about employment at will, Thursday October 14, 2004. 10:20 pm. Also aired on Capital Region Nine (Albany, New York).

Television Appearance. TV News-12 (Westchester County). Interview about Labor Day, September 2, 1997.

New York State Assembly ways and means committee staff, 1991.
Oversight of
New York State's pension and health programs for the ways and means committee. In charge of management oversight of the Office of General Services and Department of State for WAM.

Invited testimony before the New York City Human Rights Commission on employee benefits for women and minorities in New York City's construction industry, April 26, 1990.

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