Curriculum and Policy Studies in Urban Education
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CORE 4: Pedagogy in the Urban Classroom

Proposed Course Outline

I. Language and Discourse of Teaching

1) Controlling Metaphors; The Image of the Teacher

2) History of Teaching; Professional Narrative

3) Teacher Discourse and Planning

4) Language of Limitations and Possibilities; Monologic and Dialogical Structures of Discourse

II. Situation of Teaching

1) The Urban Classroom and Urban Students

2) Social Functions of Teaching; Public Education and Political Expectations

3) Culture(s) and Institutions; Models of Schooling

4) Democracy and Education

III. Students

1) Teaching and Learning

2) Developmental Frames; Intelligence and Social Construction

3) Experience and Education

4) Class, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

IV. Content of Teaching

1 Disciplines and Interdisciplinary Teaching

2) Pedagogical Content Knowledge

3) Cultural Literacy and Monoculturalism; Multicultural Content

4) Content and Testing

V. Performance of Teaching

1) Teacher Behaviors and Roles

2) Planning and Curriculum

3) Texts and Contexts

4) Classroom Environments

5) Aesthetics and Ethics of Teaching

VI. Technology of Teaching

1) Cybernetics and Assistive Technology

2) Multimedia Learning

3) Transmission and Communication; Archiving

4) Efficiency and Economy

VII. Development of Teaching

1) Novices and Experts

2) Reflection and Analysis

3) Supervision and Collegiality

4) Teacher Research and Writing

5) Multiple Roles and Models

VIII. Evaluation of Teaching

1) Models and Expectations

2) Instruments and Assessments

3) Replication and Reconstruction

4) Research