Faculty Advisory Groups

For each of the three concentration options, the committee is establishing groups of CUNY faculty members who are willing to advise regarding policy and priorities for further development of the program in these areas.

We list here faculty members who have already agreed to provide their advice and guidance. Other CUNY faculty members who would like to participate should contact the convener for their area of interest.

Curriculum Studies Research in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education

Professor Alice Artzt, QC (Mathematics Education)
Professor Bruce Chandler, CSI (Mathematics)
Professor Leonard Ciaccio, CSI (Biology)
Professor Jane Coffee, CSI (Mathematics)
Professor Joseph Dauben, GC (History) and LC
Professor David Eastzer, CC (Biology)
Professor Catherine Fosnot, CC (Mathematics Education)
Professor David Fuys, BC (Mathematics Education)
Professor Christopher Gerry, LC (Physics)
Professor Ann Henderson, HC (Biology)
Professor Ravi Kulkarni, GC (Mathematics) and QC
Professor Mark Lazarus, LC (Chemistry)
Professor Jay L. Lemke, BC (Science Education) --
Convener; jllbc@cunyvm.cuny.edu
Professor David Leveson, GC (Earth and Environmental Sciences) and BC
Professor Charles Malerich, BB (Natural Sciences/Chemistry)
Professor Elliott Mendelson, QC (Mathematics) and GC (Philosophy)
Professor Pamela Mills, HC (Chemistry)
Professor James Neujahr, CC (Science Education)
Professor Rochelle Ring, CC (Mathematics)
Professor Michael Sobel, GC (Physics) and BC
Professor Carol Kehr Tittle, GC (Educational Psychology)
Professor Michael Weiner, GC (Chemistry) and CC
Professor Rosamund Welchman, BC (Mathematics Education)

Curriculum Studies Research in Arts, Humanities, and Social Studies Education

Professor Philip Anderson (Education, QC) -- Convener; philand@ix.netcom.com
Professor Valerie Anderson (English, YC)
Professor David Birdsell (Communications, BB)
Professor Richard Blot (Education, LC)
Professor Carol Korn-Bursztyn (Early Childhood Ed., BC)
Professor Terrie Epstein (Social Studies Education, QC)
Professor Phyllis Gold-Gluck  (Art Education, BC)
Professor Hope Hartman (Literacy Education, CC and Ed Psych GSUC)
Professor Helen Johnson (Education, QC)
Professor Thomas Kessner (History, GSUC)
Professor Carol Korn-Bursztyn (Education, BC)
Professor Leith Mullings (Anthropology, GSUC)
Professor Ricardo Otheguy (Linguistics, GSUC)
Professor Oliver Patterson  (Reading Education, CC)
Professor Sondra Perl   (English, GSUC)
Professor Anthony Picciano (Education, HC)
Professor Florence Tager (Education, MEC)
Professor Myra Zarnowski  (Social Studies and English Education, QC)
Professor Ana Celia Zentella (Educational Linguistics; HC and GSUC)
Professor Jack Zevin (Education, QC)
Professor Mark Zuss (Education, LC)

[This list will be updated periodically. Expressions of interest in participating by all CUNY faculty are welcome.]

Policy Studies and Policy Analysis in Education

Professor David Seeley, GC (Educational Psychology), CSI (Education) -- Co-convenor; seeley@postbox.csi.cuny.edu
Professor Lynne Weikart, BB (School of Public Affairs) -- Co-convenor; lynne_weikart@baruch.cuny.edu

Distinguished Professor Stanley Aronowitz, GSUC (Sociology)
Professor Stefan Baumrin (Philosophy, GSUC and LC)
Professor Roscoe Brown, GSUC (Center for Urban Education Policy)
Professor Stephan Brumberg, BC (Education)
Professor Bert Flugman, GC (Center for Advanced Study in Education)
Professor Marianne Lado, BB (School of Public Affairs)
Professor Edward Lilly, CC (Education)
Professor Kofi Lomotey, MEC (Academic Affairs/Education)
Professor Oliver Patterson, CC (Education)
Professor Deborah Shanley, BC (Education)
Professor Sandra Stein, BB (School of Public Affairs)
Professor Rena Subotnik, HC (Education)

[This list will be periodically updated. Expressions of interest in participating by all CUNY faculty are welcome.]

Working Group on Education and Information Technology

Professor David Birdsell, BB (Communications)
Professor Stephen Brier, GSUC (Center for Media and Learning)
Professor Stanley Habib, GC (Computer Science)
Professor Manfred Kuechler, GC (Sociology) and HC
Professor Jay L. Lemke, BC (Education)
Professor Anthony Picciano, HC (Education)

See also, List of Participating Faculty