Revised and Expanded 

Letter of Intent to Propose

A Ph.D. Program for Curriculum and Policy Studies in Urban Education


Submitted to The Graduate School
City University of New York
Passed by the Graduate Council, December 17, 1998

By the Committee for Doctoral Studies in Education,


1998- : Professor Jay L. Lemke, School of Education, Brooklyn College
1995-97: Professor Madeleine Grumet

Members and Affiliates of the Committee 1994-1998:

N.B. For a current list of CUNY faculty who have agreed to affiliate with the Ph.D. Program in Curriculum and Policy Studies in Urban Education, see Participating Faculty (Sec. 11). The following list comprises those who have served on the committee and contributed to the development of its proposals. From Fall, 1998 this list is superseded by that of the Participating Faculty.

Professor Philip Anderson, Queens College

Professor Stanley Aronowitz, Graduate Center

Professor Roscoe Brown, Graduate Center

Professor Stephan Brumberg, Brooklyn College

Professor James Bruni, Lehman College

Professor David Bushler, City College

Professor Charles E. Cairns, Graduate Center

Professor Deborah Coates, Graduate Center

Professor Emily DiMartino, Baruch College

Professor Michelle Fine, Graduate Center

Professor Alan Gross, Graduate Center

Dr. Bert Flugman, Director, Center for Advanced Study in Education

Professor William Kornblum, Graduate Center

Professor Thomas Kessner, Graduate Center

Professor Monroe Kravitz, York College

Professor Jay L. Lemke, Brooklyn College

Professor Edward R. Lilly, City College

Professor Janet Palmer, Lehman College

Professor Oliver Patterson, City College

Adjunct Professor Dolores Perin, Graduate Center

Professor Richard Pizer, Brooklyn College

Professor David Podell, College of Staten Island

Professor Gao-yin Qian, Lehman College

Professor Sydney Schwarz, Queens College

Professor Hugh Scott, Hunter College

Professor David Seeley, College of Staten Island

Professor Deborah Shanley, Assistant Dean, Medgar Evers College

Professor Florence Tager, Medgar Evers College

Professor Patricia Thompson, Lehman College

Professor Renee Waldinger, Graduate Center

Professor Don Watkins, Baruch College

Professor Bruce Williams, Hunter College

Professor Joseph Wittreich, Graduate Center

Professor Mark Zuss, Lehman College