Research Methods Courses

All students are required to take at least one course from list A and one from list B. Course selections must be approved by the student's Studies Committee as relevant to the intended area of specialization. Students may take additional courses from the list as electives. In all cases students must meet the prerequisites for the courses or obtain permission to register from the course instructor or from the offering program's Executive Officer. Note that some courses listed are advanced seminars for students who have already taken the more basic research methods courses in the field. Courses other than those listed may be approved as meeting program requirements by the Urban Education Executive Officer.

A. Qualitative-Interpretive and Combined Disciplinary Methods

70500 Research methods

Linguistic anthropology concentration:
77600 Sociolinguistics

Art History
70000 Methods of research

Developmental Psychology
72900 Research methods in human development

76500 Pragmatics and discourse analysis

71000 Methods of sociological research
71100 Methods of sociological research
81005 The interview
81006 Qualitative methods
81200 Field techniques
81500 Topics in qualitative and interpretive methods

B. Quantitative and Statistical Methods

Educational Psychology
70500 Statistics and computer programming I and II
70600 Statistics and computer programming I and II
70700 Research methods in educational psychology

Political Science
70000 Quantitative analysis
71300 Research design in political science

70500 Statistical methods in psychology I, II
70600 Statistical methods in psychology I, II
78000 Quantitative methods in psychology

71500 Sociological statistics I, II
71600 Sociological statistics I, II