12 Participating CUNY Faculty

The following CUNY faculty members have served during 1998-2000 as members of the Committee for the Ph.D. Program in Urban Education. They have also formally expressed their desire to participate in the program, either as a member of the prospective doctoral faculty in Urban Education or as a member of another doctoral program who would be working with students in our program, unless otherwise indicated. We will continue to identify and enlist the assistance of additional members of the CUNY faculty. In the sections following the list, we identify faculty members by areas of specialization and those who are prospective instructors for core courses and initial area seminars in each studies specialization.

Professor Philip Anderson, Queens College (Education)

*Professor Valerie Anderson, York College (English)

Distinguished Professor Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center (Sociology)

Professor John Blamire, Brooklyn College (Biology)

Professor David Bloomfield, Brooklyn College (Education)

Professor Richard Blot, Lehman College (Anthropology/Linguistics)

Professor Roscoe Brown, CUNY Graduate Center (Center for Urban Education Policy)

Professor Stephan Brumberg, Brooklyn College (Education)

Professor Steven Cahn, CUNY Graduate Center (Philosophy)

Professor Charles Cairns, Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center (Linguistics)

Professor Howard Chernick, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center (Economics)

Professor Nehru Cherukupali, Brooklyn College (Geology) and CUNY Graduate Center (EES)

Professor Deborah Coates, City College and CUNY Graduate Center (Psychology)

Professor Collette Daiute, CUNY Graduate Center (Psychology)

Professor Joseph Dauben, Lehman College and CUNY Graduate Center (History)

Professor Michelle Fine, CUNY Graduate Center (Psychology)

Professor Catherine Fosnot, City College (Education)

Professor David Fuys, Brooklyn College (Education)

Professor Joseph Glick, CUNY Graduate Center (Psychology)

Professor David Gosser, City College and CUNY Graduate Center (Chemistry)

*Professor Ann Henderson, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center (Biology)

Professor Helen Leos Johnson, Queens College (Education)

Professor Thomas Kessner, CUNY Graduate Center (History)

Professor William Kornblum, CUNY Graduate Center (Sociology, Psychology)

Professor Carol Korn-Bursztyn, Brooklyn College (Education)

Professor Ravi Kulkarni, Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center (Mathematics)

Professor Jay L. Lemke, Brooklyn College (Education)

Professor David Leveson, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center (Earth & Environmental Science)

Professor Kofi Lomotey, Medgar Evers College (Academic Affairs/Education)

*Professor Pamela Mills, Hunter College (Chemistry)

Professor Leith Mullings, CUNY Graduate Center (Anthropology)

Distinguished Professor Katherine Nelson, CUNY Graduate Center (Psychology)

Professor James Neujahr, City College (Education)

Professor Terry A. Osborn, Queens College (Education)

Professor Ricardo Otheguy, CUNY Graduate Center (Linguistics)

Professor Oliver Patterson, City College (Education)

Professor Sondra Perl, Lehman College and CUNY Graduate Center (English)

Professor Anthony Picciano, Hunter College (Education)

Professor David Podell, College of Staten Island (Education)

Professor Manuel Martinez Pons, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center (Educational Psychology)

Professor Gao-yin Qian, Lehman College (Education)

Professor David Seeley, CSI (Education) and CUNY Graduate Center (Educational Psychology)

Professor Ezra Shahn, Hunter College (Biology)

Professor Deborah Shanley, Brooklyn College (Education)

Professor Michael Sobel, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center (Physics)

Professor Sandra Stein, Baruch College (Public Affairs)

Professor Anna Stetsenko, CUNY Graduate Center (Psychology)

Professor Rena Subotnik, Hunter College (Education)

Professor William Sweeney, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center (Biochemistry)

Professor Lynne Weikart, Baruch College (Public Affairs)

Professor Michael Weiner, City College and CUNY Graduate Center (Chemistry)

Professor Julia Wrigley, CUNY Graduate Center (Sociology)

Professor Myra Zarnowski, Queens College (Education)

Professor Ana Celia Zentella, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center (Linguistics)

Professor Jack Zevin, Queens College (Education)

Professor Mark Zuss, Lehman College (Education)

* indicates member of the Committee only


Prospective Faculty: Core Courses, Initial Offerings

Core 1. S. Aronowitz; alternate: J. Lemke

Core 2. S. Brumberg; alternate: T. Kessner

Core 3. J. Lemke; alternate: M. Fine

Core 4. P. Anderson; alternate: O. Patterson

Core 5. D. Seeley; alternate: L. Weikart


Prospective Faculty: Area Seminars, Initial Offerings*

AHSS: P. Anderson, C. Korn-Bursztyn, A. Zentella, J. Zevin

SMT: J. Lemke, D. Fuys, R. Kulkarni, J. Neujahr, J. Dauben

POLICY: D. Seeley, R. Brown, M. Fine, S. Cahn, L. Weikart, D. Shanley

*seminars invite joint faculty participation for sufficient numbers of students


Prospective Faculty: Research Specializations

Arts, Humanities, and Social Studies Education: P. Anderson, Blot, Johnson, Korn-Bursztyn, Osborn, Patterson, Perl, Zarnowski, Zevin

Developmental Psychology: Coates, Daiute, Glick, Nelson, Stetsenko

Educational Policy Studies: Bloomfield, Brown, Lado, Lomotey, Picciano, Seeley, Shanley, Stein, Subotnik, Weikart

History and Philosophy of Education: Aronowitz, Brumberg, Cahn, Kessner

Language and Education: P. Anderson, Cairns, Coates, Lemke, Nelson, Otheguy, Zentella, Zarnowski

Research Methods: Aronowitz, Dauben, Fine, Kessner, Lemke, Nelson, Otheguy, Pons, Zentella

Science, Mathematics, and Technology in Education: Blamire, Cherukupali, Dauben, Fosnot, Fuys, Gosser, Kulkarni, Lemke, Leveson, Neujahr, Picciano, Qian, Shahn, Sobel, Sweeney, Weiner

Sociology and Anthropology of Education: Aronowitz, Blot, Fine, Kornblum, Mullings, Wrigley


Liaison to Other Doctoral Programs and Centers

The following individuals have agreed to act as liaisons between their respective programs and centers and the work of the proposed Urban Education Ph.D. Program. They will individually advise the Program Executive Officer and Executive Committee. In some cases they are also prospective teaching and/or research supervision faculty in the new program (indicated by an asterisk).

Doctoral Programs

 Anthropology *Leith Mullings

 Art History -- Rosemarie Haag Bletter 

 Biology [Ann Henderson ; Richard Chappell]

 Chemistry William F. Berkowitz 

 Computer Science Theodore Brown 

 Earth and Environmental Sciences -- *David Leveson 

 Economics *Howard Chernick

 Educational Psychology Alan Gross 

 English *Sondra Perl 

 Modern Languages programs *Ricardo Otheguy 

 History *Thomas Kessner

 Liberal Studies Rachel Brownstein

 Linguistics *Charles Cairns 

 Mathematics Ray Hoobler 

 Music John Graziano

 Philosophy *Steven Cahn

 Physics *Michael Sobel

 Political Science John Mollenkopf

 Psychology *Joseph Glick

 Sociology *Stanley Aronowitz

 Theatre Marvin Carlson  

Centers and Institutes

 Center for Advanced Study in Education Bert Flugman

 Center for Cultural Studies *Stanley Aronowitz

 Center for Media and Learning Bret Eynon

 Center for the Study of Philanthropy Kathleen McCarthy

 Center for Urban Research John Mollenkopf

 Research Institute for Language in Urban Settings *Ricardo Otheguy

 Stanton-Heiskell Center for Public Policy in Telecommunications and Information Systems Helen Birenbaum

 Center for Human Environments Susan Saegert 

 Howard Samuels State Management and Policy Center [Marilyn Gittell]

 National Center for Educational Restructuring and Inclusion [Dorothy Lipsky]

 Names in brackets are not yet confirmed.


Additional Advisory Faculty 

In addition, the following members of the faculty have generously advised the Committee for the Ph.D. Program in Urban Education in their areas of specialization:

Professor Alice Artzt, Queens College (Mathematics Education)

Professor Ned Benton, John Jay (Public Policy), Graduate Center (Criminal Justice)

Professor Bruce Chandler, College of Staten Island (Mathematics)

Professor Howard Chernick, Hunter College, Graduate Center (Economics)

Professor Leonard Ciaccio, College of Staten Island (Biology)

Professor Jane Coffee, College of Staten Island (Mathematics)

Professor David Eastzer, City College (Biology)

Professor Bert Flugman, Graduate Center (Center for Advanced Study in Education)

Professor Christopher Gerry, Lehman College (Physics)

Professor Phyllis Gluck, Brooklyn College (Art Education)

Professor Hope Hartman, City College (Education)

Professor Mark Lazarus, Lehman College (Chemistry)

Professor Edward Lilly, City College (Education)

Professor Rochelle Ring, City College (Mathematics)

Professor Carol Kehr Tittle, Graduate Center (Educational Psychology)

Professor Rosamund Welchman, Brooklyn College (Mathematics Education)