Item 99-02

Received, March 1999

Sponsor/Contact: Warren Dederick, Off-campus programs


Section A-II  New Course

Brooklyn College, School of Education

Date of approval by Department: pending


0.1         Special Topics in Education

               3 hours;  3 credits*

Analysis of special topics of current interest in the field of education. Topics vary from term to term.  Course description may be obtained in the advisement office before registration.  Students may take this course for credit twice, but may not repeat topics.

Prequisite or co-requisite:   none

Frequency of offering:        once per semester as needed

Projected enrollment:         1 section of 25 students

Discussion:    This course is primarily intended for paraprofessional workers in the New York City schools.  Paraprofessionals are typically non-degree bearing employees, after working on their bachelor's degrees.  When they are involved in a joint study project along with their professional colleagues, as part of a joint project with Brooklyn College, they will be able to participate in course work and obtain college credit.

Clearances sought:            none

*credits may not counted toward the credit requirements for the education major.