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Learning and Study Strategies Course Proposal -- Preliminary



This course is designed to help the student improve his or her academic self-regulatory performance. Participation in the workshop requires completion of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI). Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to...

1. articulate clear short-term and long-term academic goals;

2. take steps to increase long-term and short-term academic motivation;

3. organize his or her daily routines by creating a time schedule, maintaining a weekly appointment book, and

completing a daily "TO DO" list;

4. apply specific methods designed to reduce high anxiety levels relative to academic work;

5. take steps which lead to improved concentration in academic work;

6. describe information processing skills and take steps which lead to their improvement;

7. specify typical contexts in which a main idea is to be selected, and take steps which lead to the selection

of the main idea;

8. discuss three types of student aids which help students learn more efficiently and effectively;

9. describe the steps necessary to apply self-testing;

10. specify the steps necessary to prepare for tests and the recommended guidelines to follow while taking


11. describe six methods which can be used to successfully manage the multiple social roles faced by modern

adult students.


The student will demonstrate competencies in these areas by attaining scores better than the 50th percentile on parts of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory in which he or she has previously demonstrated a need for improvement.

The student will prepare to meet these objectives through attendance at lectures, collaborative learning and other class activities and readings in the units for which pre-test performance on the LASSI has indicated intervention.


Course Schedule


Unit Topic

1. Management of Attitude Toward College Studies

2. Management of Motivation to Learn

3. Time Management

4. Control of Test Anxiety

5. Concentration Management

6. Developing or Improving Information Processing Skills

7. Selecting Main Ideas

8. Developing or Improving Study Aids

9. Developing or Improving Self-Testing Skills

10. Developing or Improving Test Taking Strategies

11. Multiple roles management I

12. Multiple roles management II



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Brogue, Carol (1993). Studying in the Content Areas: The Sciences (2nd Ed.).Clearwater, Florida: H&H Publising co., Inc.

NOTE: New course proposal designed by Professors E. Pons and D. Shanley. This is a cross-program proposal and the Curriculum Committee has encouraged Professor Pons to prepare a formal submission. JLL.