AGENDA, SEPT 21 1999

1. Planning for the College-wide Forums on SOE-LAS cooperation in teacher education curriculum

We have to decide what the major outcomes should be, and what preparation needs to be done for the Forums. In general, I think this means, how to help our colleagues in other departments insure that curricula for prospective teachers include all areas of the NYS Learning Standards AND how to involve them in our work on our own curricula.

2. Organizing Curriculum Working Groups

Because of the breadth of the NYSED requirements for teacher education curricula, few Programs will already have all the necessary expertise represented among their primary affiliation faculty. In addition, we need groups that can work closely with faculty from other departments.  We need to do this in a way that will be easy for us to coordinate. Dean Shanley has designed the basic groups; we need to discuss how best to coordinate their work.

3. Clearances

a. Film Studies has asked for a clearance for a minor bulletin change in a paired course to clarify language about requirements and exclusions.

b. Mathematics has asked for a clearance for a change in sequencing requirements for Math 1.95 and Core 5, which are required of all education majors. Some questions have been raised in the SOE on how this can be done without causing problems with registration patterns for SOE students.

c. Geology requests reinstatement of its former MA program, whose students are mainly middle childhood and adolescence education teachers or prospective teachers.

d. English department clearances -- details will be available by the time of our meeting.