Item 99-06.  Film 9, Clearance

"The requirements for the teacher education programs

indicated above are described in the 'Education' section in this Bulletin.

Students who major in any of these programs and who elect a concentration in

film must complete all of the following courses with a grade of C or higher

Film 1, 2, 15, 16, 20, 40.1." -- Existing Bulletin



While the Education curriculum committee is meeting to discuss the minor

change in Film 9's description, could you also consider approving the

following, which should have been changed when we created Film 9:

May we change Film 1 to Film 9 in the requirements above? (Or is it

conceivable that someone could start out as a Film major, take Film 1 and

then and switch to Education, so that we should say Film 1 or 9?)


NOTE: Film 9 is a paired course in humanities for undergraduate education majors, taken by some but not all; it would also function under this change as part of a concentration in Film available to education majors.

This file will be updated when we have the formal proposal re Film 9 from Film Studies.