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Statement on Copyright and Permissions for Material on this Website

Applies to all digital information files in the jlemke subdirectory of the education directory of server host academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu and its mirrors and aliases.

Visitors should be aware that all of the material on this site is copyrighted (c), and that permission to use and distribute this information varies from one file or document (= an html file and its non-html auxiliary files) to another across the site. Where I am not the copyright holder, I will usually indicate this in one of several ways:

It is my belief that the just application of the individual fair use and research and educational use clauses of existing copyright law permits visitors to this website to :

without special permission from the copyright holder, provided doing so does not significantly erode the otherwise expectable revenue to the copyright holder on a commercial scale. Be aware however that this interpretation is subject to dispute.

For all other material on this site you may assume that I am the copyright holder and that all rights in all media are reserved.

Some files may be marked Not For Citation or Distribution. These generally represent unfinished work in progress which should not be cited, quoted from, or redistributed without written permission from me (see below). You may, however, create hyperlinks to these webpages.

In all other cases where I hold the copyright, I hereby grant permission with respect to these particular files to any person to:

If, however, you wish to copy and use any of these files or extensive portions (more than 10%) of any file for use by whole classes of students, inclusion in collections of readings, or other similar purposes, please email me at jlemke@campus.cuny.mci.net for written permission to do so.

I will normally waive any royalty fee when I grant permission to copy, except that a royalty fee may be assessed for large numbers of copies, or where a profit will be made from producing and distributing the copies, i.e. a quasi-commerical use. Please indicate the expected number of copies, whether the copies themselves will be sold, and whether they will be sold at a profit or not. A fair royalty fee would normally be ten cents per page per copy for educational and nonprofit use in large numbers of copies, and not more than one dollar per page per copy for commerical use, and less for larger numbers of copies for commercial use. (One hardcopy page normally corresponds to approximately 35 lines of full-screen browser-displayed html running text, or 3.5 kB of file length.)

I would also appreciate the courtesy of an email notification if you wish to quote from any material on this site as a part of another work. Notice of citations to this work is not expected, but notification of the creation of hyperlinks to this site would also be appreciated.

If you are interested in issues of copyright, fair use, etc. in the context of academic publications, you may wish to read a draft essay in preparation on this topic.

Jay L. Lemke 3/1/98