EDUCATION 724.01-.17

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Course Information

Aug 30 -- Introduction, Nature of Research, Research Types, Topics

Sept 6 -- [No class -- BC Holiday ]

Sept 13 -- Library, internet and bibliographic research; reviewing the literature

Sept 20 -- [No class -- BC Holiday; class meets on TUESDAY this week]
Sept 21 -- Curriculum Research: Development and Documentation

Sept 27 -- Independent Research and Writing -- No class meeting

Oct 4 -- Interpretive-Qualitative Research I: Data Production

Oct 11 -- [BC holiday; no class meeting; class meets on TUESDAY]
Oct 12 -- Interpretive-Qualitative Research II: Data Analysis

Oct 18 -- Experimental Research I: Design and Descriptive Statistics

Oct 25 -- Independent Research and Writing -- No class meeting

Nov 1 -- Independent Research and Writing -- No class meeting

Nov 8 -- Experimental Research II: Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

Nov 15 -- Critical Curriculum Theory and Research

Nov 22 -- Critical Perspectives on the Research Process; Alternative Approaches

Nov 29 -- The Genre of the Research Paper: Reading and Writing

Dec 6 -- Oral Reports I

Dec 13 -- Oral Reports II

Dec 20 -- Oral Reports III, Last Class, Research Papers DUE


There will be a Research Term Paper, DUE DEC 20. The paper requirements will be described during the course; a written set of guidelines will be distributed.

There will also be Oral Presentations on research paper projects during the final classes of the term. There will not be a Final Examination in this course.

Research Paper (80%), Oral Report (10%), class participation (10%).