EDUCATION 724 -- Outline of Experimental Research Papers

As noted in the course materials regarding requirements for research papers, all experimental papers must be accompanied by a notebook or log in some form in which dates and original data collected are recorded; this should either be the original notes in which you wrote down data as you collected it, or if edited, should be accompanied by copies of the original notes. Submit the data notebook material separate from the rest of your experimental research paper.

I. Title page

II. Table of contents, with page numbers for each section below

III. Introduction and Rationale -- what you are doing in the paper and why

IV. Review of relevant research literature -- library research, summarized and analyzed

V. Methods and Procedures -- hypothesis and data collection methods; all information

VI. Results -- numerical and graphical or statistical presentation of results

VII. Analysis of results -- statistical analysis and/or discussion of data

VIII. Interviews with subjects participating in your study

IX. Conclusions and Recommendations -- regarding your hypothesis, relevant theory, practical educational methods and policy, and further research needed

X. Appendix: samples of original data [optional when you submit your data log or notebook]