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Testing and Assessment
Links for Science Education

These links are mainly to new developments in science education standards and alternative assessment

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

The National Science Education Standards
Access the whole book online; see especially Chapter 5 on Assessment

NSTA Statement on the National Science Education Standards:

National Clearinghouse for Education Standards and Assessment
Note: Only the mathematics standards are available so far; science is coming.

Resources Recommended by Education 65.04 Students:

Martha's Alternative Assessment In Science List
An excellent starting point with links to many resources on assessment and standards in science education

NYSSI Reform Efforts -- Authentic Assessments in MST
What's happening in New York State, with links to new assessment methods in use elsewhere
NCREL on Assessment
Government-sponsored consortium to help schools in the Midwest
CRESST Home Page
Clearinghouse for Research on Evaluation and Standards for Science and Technology
-- also check out the other CRESST Home Page!

Other Sources and Guides to the Literature (Professional research articles)

Assessing Student Performance in Science. ERIC CSMEE Digest.

Computers and Assessment in Science Education. ERIC Digest.