EDUCATION 65.04/67.04/613.1

Professor J LEMKE

Methods, Curriculum, and Student Teaching for

Secondary School Science Education:

Course Information


Feb 03 -- Nature and Goals of Secondary School Science Education

Feb 10 -- NO CLASS [Thursday classes meet]

Feb 17 -- Unit and Lesson Planning

Feb 24 -- Unit and Lesson Planning

Mar 03 -- Classroom Dialogue and Interaction

Mar 10 -- The Art of Classroom Question and Answer

Mar 17 -- Testing and Assessment I

Mar 24 -- [No class; Special Assignment]

Mar 31 -- Testing and Assessment II; Alternative Assessment

Apr 07 -- Reading, Writing, and Science

Apr 14 -- [No class; SPRING BREAK]

Apr 21 -- Mathematics, Symbolic Systems, and Science

Apr 28 -- Laboratory, Fieldwork, and Small Group Teaching

May 05 -- Computers, Multimedia, and Science Teaching

May 12 -- Curriculum Standards and Reform in Science

May 19 -- Histories and Futures of Science Curriculum


Readings: There will be a course packet of readings and supplementary materials. You will also be expected to access course information on the WorldWideWeb over the internet (, and some information will also be available by email: or (note two L's in the username). Internet access is available in the Library, the Atrium Computer Center, SUBO, the Internet Cafe in Whitehead (under construction), and elsewhere on campus.

Major Assignments: Detailed instructions in Course Readings Packet or to be distributed in class; there may also be minor assignments from time to time.

1. Unit Plan and Lesson Plan(s) in one science topic area (DUE March 10)

2. Alternative Assessment (DUE March 31) / Classroom Unit Test (DUE April 21)

3. Internet or Software Curriculum Analysis & Critique (DUE May 19)


Grades in this course, if you are doing student teaching and are registered for Education 65.04, will be based 50% on observations and evaluations of your student teaching work in the school, 40% on written assignments, and 10% on class participation. If you are not doing student teaching, or are registered for Education 67.04 or Education 613.1, the basis will be 80% written assignments and 20% class participation. If you are registered for Education 613.2, that grade will be based 100% on student teaching work in the school.

There is No Final Examination in this Course.