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Education 62.03: Written Course Assignments

Note: Additional information on these assignments, including due dates will be posted later


1. Write a Lesson Plan that highlights the esthetics of a mathematical or scientific topic, invention/discovery, or application. Use esthetic values in designing the lesson and the materials, procedures you will use. Explain how these values helped guide your lesson design and teaching strategies.

2. Choose one important mathematician or scientist, historical or contemporary, who has written about their own education, and discuss and analyze the emotional and/or esthetic factors involved in their interest in the subject and/or how they came to make one of their important research contributions. You may use a biography or an auto-biography; if possible, consult more than one source of information about the life of this person. Include discussions of (a) how the person became interested in science or mathematics; (b) what they did or did not enjoy about their own school educations in science and mathematics; (c) what their most important contribution to science or to mathematics was or has been.

3. Drawing on your experience of artistic works/performances and artistic viewpoints from our work with the Lincoln Center Institute, describe (a) how some concepts or principles from science or mathematics could be used to help increase engagement with, enjoyment of, and/or understanding of the work/performance; and (b) how something that is illustrated by or can be learned from the work/performance could be used to promote engagement with, enjoyment of, and/or understanding of some concept or principle from science or mathematics. I would like to know your opinion of the value of the workshop classes and the visits to the Brooklyn Museum and to Lincoln Center. How have they changed your opinions of the importance of various teaching methods, or of the ideal relationship between math or science and the arts and music as they should be presented in the classroom? This assignment is due at our final exam meeting, on December 23, from 1-3 pm. It should be typed and at least 4 pages in length.