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Should I Have a Website?


At the very least you should have a minimal website so you can be located.
It's like having a listed telephone number.

Include basically the same information you would put in your C.V. And that does mean your email address!

In addition, if you have written something that is reasonably good (be sure), put it up as a separate webpage and link to it from your main or homepage. You might also include links to some key sites that you like or use and that you want to be associated with.

Remember that everything on a website is very, very public. Do not treat it as a vanity space with personal details about your life and family or your hobbies. If you want to play in cyberspace, lease some space on a private server and don't use the same form of your name that you do for academic purposes. I have seen looks of horror on the faces of appointments' committee members when they checked out a candidate's website and found something more personal than professional.

Don't even take the kinds of risks I do on this site. I can afford to put up raw research notes or voice controversial opinions; these are luxuries of tenure, promotion, and a reasonably solid academic reputation built over many years. Rights are not equally distributed in our society (or any society). You may not like this fact, may even want to work to change it, but you should certainly not ignore it.

Now go do some good thinking and stop worrying so much about your degree or your career!