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 Multiple Timescale Analysis

The newest developments in my research concern multiple timescale analysis. Briefly, the key assumptions here are that:

The most relevant papers on these themes are:

Opening Up Closures: Semiotics across Scales -- Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Proceedings of the Ghent Conference

Artifacts, Activities, and Meanings in Ecosocial Systems -- in Mind, Culture, and Activity

Learning Academic Language Identities: Multiple Timescales in the Social Ecology of Education -- TEXT
Invited paper at University of California, Berkeley (March 2000); to appear in a volume

Newer work begins to look at relations between types of texts or modes of meaningful action in a society and its forms of social organization and control, exploring the semiotic mediation hypothesis:

Discursive Technologies and the Social Organization of Meaning -- draft ms for Folia Linguistica; more on traversals -- Do Not Cite!!

Toward a Theory of Traversals -- new theoretical work, Spring 2001

A new project in development will apply multiple timescale analysis (which is a special case of dynamic complex system analysis) to the study of institutional change and sustainability in urban systems and non-local networks. Urban systemic reform in education and online educational communities will be initial areas of focus.