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Masculinism and the Gender-Caste System

Here are works and links dealing with issues of gender, sexuality and sexual orientation, the social construction of masculinity and various gender identities, and the unified gender-caste social semiotic system in which these matters and issues of ethnic-racial, social class, and age grade diversity are interconnected.

Masculinism and Academic Discourse -- this TextWeb also contains a preview of the analysis of the gender-caste system in terms of variation in degree for the traits defining each dimension of the system, and their interdependence.

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SCIENCE, MASCULINISM, AND THE GENDER SYSTEM . Paper at University of Delaware, 1994.

And see under Work in Progress

Lavender Links -- here; collaborative research on visual-verbal semiotics, identity construction, and ideological heteroglossia in print publications; prepared for the Lavender Linguistics conferences, American University, Washington DC 1999-2000.