Medium as Techno-practice

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= There are many technological implementations for hypertextual practice, and each produces different sorts of material object-hypertexts and affords different sorts of using and meaning-construing practices;

= This is a list of some of the more interesting ones of the last 10 years or so; I will be taking examples mainly from StorySpace, a commercial system for and with which the greatest number of literary and academic hypertexts have been written;

= Also of interest are Intermedia, the oldest of those listed here, which was mainly used to present ancillary teaching materials for university literature and history courses at Brown University; and VIKI, which I find to offer some of the most radically new possibilities for hypertext semantics;

= I want to sketch out what some hypertexts are like in use, the kinds of intermediate and larger-scale semantic strategies they employ, and the sort of possibilities for expanding the semantic technologies of language that they afford; I believe hypertext is the next great step for language beyond writing.