SCALES for Hypertext

Synoptic Dynamic
  • Word-anchor links

  • Frame-frame links

  • Frame-path chains

  • Sub-space sets

  • Map overviews

  • Hierarchy overviews

  • Writing frame-text

  • Linking within frames

  • Linking two frames

  • Creating sequences

  • Creating paths, sets

  • Synchronizing paths

  • Traversals

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= Finally, we expect in systemic linguistics a certain fractal semantics across scales: the same kinds of meaning relations we make between clauses, we should also be able to make between the macropropositions and macroproposals of text-units on larger scales; this turns out to be true, and relations of Expansion are particularly fundamental to many existing hypergenres;

= In text semantics of longer or larger texts, issues of SCALE are crucial; we need to know what kinds of meanings are made and construed at and across various scales of text, from the usual groups and clauses, to clause-complexes, to rhetorical structure units, to genre element units ... and in the case of hypertexts there are many additional saliences of scale, some of which have little noted precursors in ordinary text (e.g. categorial unity hierarchies);

= Let’s look at some visual displays of hypertexts in use to get a sense of the kinds of cross-textual meanings made and the scales on which they are made ...