Semantic Strategies in Hypertext

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= There are also overlapping genre structures, so that the same text-unit might appear as an item in a list of examples of some phenomenon, and also as an event in some narrative development, or as a link in some persuasive argument;

= Hypertext forces us to make better, and in some cases newer, uses of all the semantic resources available to us for cross-textual meaning: SEE TABLE ABOVE.

= In addition, hypertexts sometimes create juxtapositions of texts (by links between them) that do not easily fit any of our usual models of typical cross-textual meaning-relations: these force the reader to mutually contextualize the text units in new ways, often by generating new intertextual hypotheses about possible missing texts in the text-system, or by constructing new, more abstract or more comprehensive thematics, within which both texts can find relatable places;