Introduction to the Web Version

The textweb you are entering represents unfinished work-in-progress. I am making this material available on my website to provide access to these ideas while I am further refining and developing them. They are not available for quotation or citation in print publications, but may be linked to (please make an email request for permission to link).

The version you see began as a PowerPoint presentation for a conference paper. It was autoconverted to an HTML web, first in simplified graphical form, referred to as the Slideshow version. This shows only reduced size versions of the actual slides or transparencies shown at the conference and sometimes reproduced in the handouts.

A second, more elaborated version also exists, and I recommend working from this one; the default links will keep you in this textweb version. The textweb version contains the original speaking notes, called Commentary, beneath the text version of the transparency. In addition, as I add further discussion of various points, this material will be available by hypertext links from the main textweb items.

Eventually, in most cases, I will produce a conventional written paper, but I hope that for some topics the textwebs, which will also include html conversions of Storyspace hypertext webs, will represent the most comprehensive, if never definitive, exposition of my views on the topic.

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