Topological Semiosis and the Evolution of Meaning

Jay Lemke
City University of New York


Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview

Topological vs. Typological Semiosis

Topological vs. Typological Semiosis

Mixed-mode Semiosis

3-level Paradigm: Dynamics and Semiosis

3-level Paradigm: Emergence of Levels

The Alternation Principle

Principle of Alternation -- cont’d

Alternation and DNA

Trans-organization across modes

Trans-organization across modes

Emergence, Development, and Evolution

Weak and Strong Hypotheses

Author: J L Lemke

Note: This preliminary material derives from a presentation at the WESS conference (Washington Evolutionary Systems Society), Georgetown University, May 1998. It was exported to HTML from PowerPoint and modified to include portions of the attached speaking notes. Links to material in a new paper developing these ideas are being added. 3/99.


Opening Up Closure: Semiotics Across Scales (Ghent conference paper, May 1999)

Across the Scales of Time (MCA)

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