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Welcome! The goal of this web page is to help you find great science education sources on the web. At Brooklyn College students of education will be learning by doing, science, math and technology as recommended by the National Science Education Standards for Science Teaching  and for Professional Development of Teachers

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Field Trip Ideas:

Field trips add so much richness of experience to science learning. Many scientists identify childhood trips to museums or other field experiences as awakening their lifelong passion for science. Do some armchair browsing of great science museums across the country. Consider a leading your students on a  "virtual" field trip.

Or check out some local resources and then gather your students and go.

I have listed these and many more local informal science field trip locations alphabetically in A to Z Field Trips in the New York City area.

The New York Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Education and the New York Academy of Sciences has launched Science Edunet Online, a site for information on K-12 science, math and technology education sources.

Math, Science and Technology Standards Resources:

What am I supposed to be teaching? Take a look at national and state standards.

For more details on science literacy the full texts of the following Project 2061 books are available Online from the American Academy for the Advancement of Science.

For some lesson plan ideas you can follow some of the links below:

Introduce your students to inquiry by joining in one of the national online research projects:

Fun Sites:

Want to catch up on what's new in science or science education? Here are a few journals that might interest you...

or your students...

Science Materials:

Many science materials can be obtained by recycling materials that would otherwise end up in the trash. Others are easy to get at local art supply, pet, or hardware stores. For those hard to find lab materials including magnets, prisms, etc. check out the following sources. Also available through these suppliers are science curriculum materials.

Mathematics Resources:

Math Trailblazers is an exemplary mathematics program that offers substantial support and resources online.

Online encyclopedias are a great ready reference for those unanswered questions...

If you have gotten hooked on science...

Consider studying for a Masters Degree in Elementary Science and Environmental Education.
Students in the Masters Program at Brooklyn College are engaged in a study of the exotic Monk Parakeet colony on campus.  Take a look at their research.

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