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  July 4, 1941    

      'Services' for Academic Freedom were held yesterday at Tombs prison where a group of cap-and-gowned educators sought to place a wreath on the steps of the prison which now holds Marris U. Schappes.  Schappes, a City College tutor, was convicted of perjury by an admitteldy biased jury because he had not named alleged communist colleagues on the City College Staff to the Rapp-Coudert Committee.  Protesting the verdict, a group of teachers tried to lay on the Tombs steps a wreath "commememorating the death of academic freedom" but were stopped by police.  Here they are shown at an opening rally near the Tombs.  Speaking is Dr. Bella V. Dodd, chariman of the Committee for the Defense of Public Education.

February 5, 2005