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  June 19, 1941

     Teacher Victims Picket Coudert:  Teacher victims of the Rapp-Coudert Committee are shown picketing the swank home of Frederick R. Coudert, Jr. at 988  Park Avenue.  Picketing are Henry Klein, Sidney Eisenberger, Eugene Stein, John K. Ackley, and Albert J. Brooks.  One placard reads: "Protest Coudert Call for Violence Against Teachers," referring to his speech reported in the New York Times of June 3 when he said: "Now if your dog had rabies you wouldn't slap him into jail after he had bitten a number of persons--you'd put a bullet into his head, if you had that kind of iron in your blood.  It is going to require brutal treatment to handle these teachers..."

February 6, 2005